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created to encourage moms
and women everywhere to chase
their dreams regardless of what
obstacles they may face.    

M.O.M Crew has changed my life at 33 years old I'm still able to do what I love, we volunteer and help the community and enjoy what we do. Since I have joined Mom Crew I have lost weight got my self esteem back and gained so many awesome sisters. 


M.O.M Crew has given me an outlet to be with my kids and go out have a great time with friends and enjoy myself. I never thought I would get out of my comfort zone go out and do something like perform with this crew.


M.O.M Crew has introduced me to a great group of women whom I can call my friends. Because of MOM crew I have gotten out of my comfort zone and I have more confidence. This has been an amazing experience and I recommend it to every mom I know.


M.O.M crew has brought me a whole new set of friends and experiences I would not have had. M.O.M class offers a different dance experience each week and pushes me to try new styles and improves my dance ability.


M.O.M with moves has brought my groove back & my love of dance. Class empowers you and pushes you to your limit.


Mom Crew, what can I say? I LOVE Mom Crew! I've never been formally trained, but I love to dance! Always have and always will. Mom Crew gives me a chance to do what I love and do it regularly.   having a place where I can learn new dances, perform and bond with other dancing mamas is great!

-Funmilayo  "Foo-mee"

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