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M.O.M Crew is a Non-Profit 501c3. You can help by donating via:

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● PayPal

● Checks made out MOM Crew, mail to 7517 Campbell Rd., Suite 400, Dallas, TX 75248

M.O.M CREW is not your average dance team. This team was created to encourage moms and women everywhere to chase their dreams, regardless of what obstacles they may face. Therefore M.O.M stands for "Mind Over Matter." Our team is made of moms, and even grandmothers, of all ages, sizes, and dance levels. Some of our credits include performing live for the television series So You Think You Can Dance, America's Got Talent, and also for World Of Dance Dallas and competition where we achieved placement in “The Winners Circle!” Furthermore, part of our commitment is giving back to the community by performing and volunteering for local charity organizations.

Our popularity has risen, and we have been asked numerous times to perform across our nation. Currently we are seeking donations to help us fund our travel expenses, purchase costumes, and continue our community efforts. Many of our teammates are teachers, single moms, domestic abuse survivors. and are financially underprivileged. Your donations are greatly appreciated and your love and support allows us to continue spreading our message!

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