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Camille Thompson is the creator and founder of Mom Crew.  When she was struggling through postpartum blues, somewhere in the back of her mind, she knew there was one thing that would help her regain her identity. But she was having a hard time getting the motivation to dance again. 

With the 80 pounds gained during her pregnancy with her oldest daughter, Cooper, the former NBA dancer and fitness enthusiast had a hard time feeling like herself.  With the new responsibility of raising a baby and a sudden lack of confidence, reconnecting with herself as a dancer seemed difficult. As we all know, pregnancy can do a real number on us as far as confidence, career dreams, and overall planning.  


In hopes to revive her confidence, Camille decided to create an avenue for mommies, new and experienced alike, to regain their confidence and feel like themselves again.  With this jolt of motivation, in 2014, she created Moms with Moves.  The classes started with 3-5 participants and  blossomed into numbers reaching upwards 75 dancers in one class. 

Using Moms with Moves as a driving force to create more interest, Camille grew Mom Crew from 5 members to 15 to 30 to now over 40 active members.  Her motivation is her two children Cadence, and Cooper whom also enjoy dancing as much as mommy.