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M.O.M CREW is not your average dance team. This team was created to encourage moms and women everywhere to chase their dreams, regardless of what obstacles they may face. Therefore M.O.M stands for "Mind Over Matter." Our team is made of moms, and even grandmothers, of all ages, sizes, and dance levels.  Some of our credits include performing live for the television series So You Think You Can Dance, America's Got Talent, and also for World Of Dance Dallas and Los Angeles competitions!  We simply enjoy dancing and entertaining. 

Part of our commitment is giving back to the community. Our team has performed for hospitals, holiday performances, nursing homes, flash mobs, corporate events, fundraisers, and festivals all over the Dallas/Ft. Worth metroplex. Our group is growing! We have been privileged to expand from five members, to sixty active members.  Our style is HIP HOP, and we love surprising our audience as they realize we are NOT YOUR AVERAGE MOMS or HIP HOP DANCERS. Our team also includes several former NBA AND NFL dancers/cheerleaders, as well as cheer coaches, drill team directors, and dance instructors. 

M.O.M CREW is inspired by the simple will to keep going.  We love to see individuals chase their dreams and continue to work on their craft regardless of age, weight, monetary status and other obstacles.  We are moved by seeing people overcome every day life and adversities.  M.O.M CREW is also inspired by our children.  They attend our rehearsals and performances, and they motivate us to continue every time we step foot on the dance floor.  We strive to be role models for our children, teaching them to work hard and achieve dreams. Sometimes our kiddos even perform with us! We hope to encourage moms worldwide to get up and keep moving, and set examples for other moms and children everywhere. We truly are a diverse group of entertainers, and cannot wait to share our gift with you! 

1144 N. Plano Rd. Ste. 260, Richardson, TX. 75081 

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