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M.O.M Crew's mission is to encourage and inspire moms, women, and children to achieve their dreams, improve self-worth, participatein philanthropy, and instill purpose.

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The Mom Crew Foundation is a 501c3 organization with a mission to offer performing arts and life skills to low income communities within the Dallas Fort Worth area. 

Our goal is to provide dance training to under-served students while implementing a healthy lifestyle through nutrition, life skills training and peer outreach.  


Our training benefits mothers, students, and children who suffer from depression and low self-esteem. Our performing arts programs teach students how to work as part of a team, develop a greater sense of trust and cooperation, and make new friends. Our foundation provides a structured outlet or a healthy physical and emotional release that helps develop emotional maturity. We give students the freedom to dance at their skill level in a welcoming and safe environment. Our program also implements structure that allows mother and child to bond in a mutually desired environment while gaining health and fitness benefits.  Together, they develop self-esteem and confidence. Our outreach program will reach more students throughout the Dallas/Fort Worth area with funding from our community and supporters.  


The Mom Crew Foundation believes the art of dance has a strong influence on the academic development and maturity of a child. Performing arts promote self-esteem, team building and emotional development and discipline.

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Children will gain confidence and discipline under the guidance of leading instructors appointed by our foundation

Mothers are encouraged to keep their children in dance, providing bonding opportunities and an outlet for mother and child. 

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Classes are offered weekly to scholarship recipients.
Kids are welcome to attend class with mom. 

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Mothers will have countless opportunities to dance and perform with the support of our foundation


Our foundation builds leaders in our community.


Kids will continue to train under leading instructors with the support of The Mom Crew Foundation. 

Dance and performing arts play a huge role in providing mental stability and physical training during stressful times.  Millions of families worldwide have been financially burdened by the COVID 19 pandemic.  Our hope is to keep dance as a constant positive in the lives of our dancers.  Donating to our cause will insure that dancers in our community stay strong and vigilant during the challenges we are facing.  Any amout you choose to give will be greatly appreciated.

MOM CREW Foundation-Logo.png

a Non-Profit 501c3.
You can help by donating

Please label your donation with your tier selection & company/donor name address, phone, and email.


The scholarship program is currently closed. Please stay tuned for updates
on reopening!   

The Mom Crew Foundation understands the financial difficulties that can arise within households as it pertains to extracurricular activities.  It is our mission to provide opportunities for students to continue to grow in their craft.  We look for passionate dancers with kind hearts and competitive spirits to lead us in the path to positive change in our community.  


All scholarship applications are reviewed by officially appointed board members of the Mom Crew Foundation.  All applicants will not be awarded financial assistance.

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